We have five children whose ages range from 25 down to 11 years old. Normally, in any one day we’re building dens, steering through the teenage conundrums, catching up with our Uni-students and encouraging their various ventures and adventures.
However, it's lockdown, so something has happened that we could never have envisigaed - we're full nesters again, and loving it.
Our eldest (a Spanish teacher) is Zooming lessons from the lounge and selling his enormous range of vintage football tops which have overtaken parts of the landing. Our next is at dance school and she Zooms her tap, ballet, singing et al at the church hall. Mr. Lower 6th is managing his school career through headphones, the film maker is in the middle of an animation and our schoolie is doing his home-ed. And there is a competitive game of four square that takes up all the margins.  
As a parenting consultant (encourager), I'm constantly impressed by parents who want to learn, grow and be the best they can be, even when the days are tough. I hope my blogs encourage you too. And do pop across to my podcast for encouragement and inspiration. See you there!


29 Mar 2020

Resources for Home Educating

Here are some resources which are free (unless specified) during the lockdown. Though some are free at all times.

It’s not exhaustive by any means, and doesn’t include obvious ones like BBC Bitesize, but it’s a few faves from the...

26 Feb 2019

Anger is a normal emotion. It's ok!

What we do with our anger isn't always ok.

Does your child ever have outbursts? Do they simmer? hold anger? Or tip it all over everyone?

As parents we are well intentioned - always looking for the best way forward for our c...

8 Jan 2019

Happy New Year!

No matter what your new year hopes, dreams or aspirations are (even if you haven't articulated them you've probably got some hopes), there's one thing that is lurking, ready to undermine anything we might be trying to achieve and it comes fr...

2 Oct 2018

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever."  Keri Russell, Actress

Kids love to have a bit of control. As a child, or a tween or a teen, they need to feel like there's some wiggle room in their life.  We on the other hand are...

24 Sep 2018

Comfort is the Enemy of Progress

                                                            Phineus Barnum, Showman...

17 Jul 2018

Parenting For Life


I'm so pleased to be able to share with you that Parenting For Life has now been released and is available to buy - from my sofa to yours. 

Here are some of the first reviews:

"Whilst my little bundle is sleeping I'm able to enjo...

3 Jul 2018

Empowered not Overpowering

I was chatting with a dad the other day who shared his concerns about how differently he and his wife parent their three year old daughter.

He works long hours and when he comes home he lets his daughter get away with things that a...

12 Jun 2018

How to avoid the tug of war!

I'm certainly not averse to to a little caution - especially if the children are wielding a knife, or heading for a road, so words like 'Don't and No' aren't forbidden vocabulary in our home. However, there are alternatives that...

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