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We usually have a wacky plan going on in the background.  The two most recent ones were building a pizza oven and having a litter of puppies.  So many people have asked us how we built the oven and what is it like to have a litter of puppies, so here goes...

How to build a Pizza Oven

Here's an A_Z of how to build your own easy pizza oven in your garden. 

  • They're sociable

  • They cook incredible pizzas

  • They create an atmosphere

  • You can also cook bread, baked vegetables and an endless list of amazing things. 

How to...

How to breed a litter at home

Having puppies at home was one of our all-time favourite family experiences. In fact we loved it so much we did it twice. 

It would have been really helpful to have known the tips and pitfalls before we got started!

So here's everything we've learnt along the way...

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