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Parenting For Life

Available Now

I'm so pleased to be able to share with you that Parenting For Life has been released and is available now to be sent from my sofa to yours.

                                   Here are some of the first reviews:

"This book is outstanding in every way."

"Whilst my little bundle is sleeping I'm able to enjoy the first few pages of the most fantastic book. I can't put it down!!!"

"This book has so many helpful suggestions for the modern family, whatever the age of the child"

"It's a truly wonderful parenting book with sound advice from experience not hypothesis. Real tips that will help your family and so couldn't recommend enough."

"A truly beautiful book. Perfect coffee table book that offers some fantastic advice on parenting- particularly loved the chapter on social media."

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Welcome to Parenting For Life



Why I wrote a book...


Firstly, I don’t believe there’s such thing as a parenting expert, but I have had the privilege over the last 12 years of helping parents as they wrestle with some of the challenges of raising children and they often say to me, "Where's the book?"


There are lots of parenting books, but this one is a little different. The themes and ideas are put into bite-sized chunks so that you can take them in snippets or read it all from start to finish, depending on the many other things you’ll be juggling in your life. Parents tell me they have a stack of books by their bed, but there's too much to take in when they're tired and ready for bed. So here's a book that's easy to pick up but meaty to read too - and it looks good on the coffee table.

Throughout the book I have used gardening analogies, inspired by gardening enthusiasts I have visited across England. Some have small plots and others have extensive grounds, but all have known the battles and victories of establishing something beautiful, in spite of the many challenges. The book is divided into two sections: Soft Love and Strong Love, which describe different approaches to parenting:


  Soft Love:

  • How to connect and build emotional trust with our children. 

  • We look out to our long term hopes and dreams for the adults our children will one day become 

  • We explore the hidden issues that can get in the way of us deeply connecting with our children 

  • There are also tools to build our relationships with them.

  Strong Love:

  • We look at the effects of different styles of parenting

  • How to help our children develop wisdom and responsibility

  • Tools to enable them to differ with their siblings in healthy ways

  • The impact of social media as well as ways to help them to self regulate in their world of many choices

I’ve also included a few pages throughout the book on different values you might want to bring into your home as you ponder your long term vision for your family in the opening chapter. 


Additional, specific information is given about how our brains work, which helps to explain some of our children’s choices and behaviours. 

It's a beautiful, hard back book full of colour, illustrations, photos and ideas to inspire you whether you're holding your new-born or parenting nearly-adults...and beyond.

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