We have five children whose ages range from 25 down to 11 years old. Normally, in any one day we’re building dens, steering through the teenage conundrums, catching up with our Uni-students and encouraging their various ventures and adventures.
However, it's lockdown, so something has happened that we could never have envisigaed - we're full nesters again, and loving it.
Our eldest (a Spanish teacher) is Zooming lessons from the lounge and selling his enormous range of vintage football tops which have overtaken parts of the landing. Our next is at dance school and she Zooms her tap, ballet, singing et al at the church hall. Mr. Lower 6th is managing his school career through headphones, the film maker is in the middle of an animation and our schoolie is doing his home-ed. And there is a competitive game of four square that takes up all the margins.  
As a parenting consultant (encourager), I'm constantly impressed by parents who want to learn, grow and be the best they can be, even when the days are tough. I hope my blogs encourage you too. And do pop across to my podcast for encouragement and inspiration. See you there!


12 Jun 2018

Well, it's been a while....I've had my

brain deeply engaged in the last edits and final details of the book and  every second has been absorbed with getting it off to the publisher....and now it's gone!!!

If I didn't have children it would have been fin...

26 Feb 2018

Are you a good listener?

We live in busy times and can feel as though we’re expected to accomplish a great deal in one day, or even one hour. If we’re not multitasking, we can think we’re failing.

You can be having a bath, listening to an instructional Vlog,...

6 Feb 2018

For the past few weeks we’ve been looking at the idea of our children’s hearts having two jars: One that collects the trials of the day and the other that collects treasure.

As long as the treasure jar is full, they find it much easier to sustain the little...

29 Jan 2018

In the parenting book that I'm just finishing, I use the analogy of growing a garden. Whilst writing the book I visited gardens and gardeners across England to find those analogies. I chatted with inspiring women (they just happened to all be women) who ha...

25 Jan 2018

Treasure Jars

  part two  

Shame or Regret

I am doing a series at the moment called Fill the treasure jar.

Imagine Children have two little jars in their hearts. One stores up treasures, the other stores up the little knocks and bruises that life dis...

23 Jan 2018

Imagine children have two little jars in their hearts. One stores up treasures, the other stores up the little knocks and bruises that life dishes out, like a harsh word or a disappointment or something that upsets them

In order for them to cope with the kn...

10 Jan 2018

I have been writing a parenting book.

No ordinary parenting book.

A lovely, full colour, coffee-table parenting book,

rich with gems for family life.

Feeling grateful

It's turned out to be quite a marathon. But I'm on the home stretch now and so grateful to fri...

22 Dec 2017

As we draw near to Christmas day I've been asked about how to protect primary-aged children who are receiving electronic Christmas presents. Good question.

Our kids love gaming! In fact they’re having a Mario Cart tournament as I write this. Technology, gam...

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