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Install the application, tick the Edit Transparent Desktop checkbox, write a description and name your image and start the app.Then, close the app and from the Windows Control Panel, select Appearance and Personalization from the right pane of the panel.Now select from the left pane of the panel the Desktop Background and click on the desktop thumbnail which is shown in the window on the right panel.Finally, after some seconds, the app will launch again and it will show the transparent desktop that you have just created in the application, as you can see on the screenshot here below:Transparent Desktop:How to Save & Restore Transparent Desktop:If you are feeling in love with this effect, you can save your image as a default desktop wallpaper by selecting it, clicking on the Save As button, saving it to an appropriate location and then restarting the computer.[FAQ]:>Q: What's the background of your desktop?A: This is how it looks, the desired background image is usually included in the background of the PC screen.Q: Is that transparent?A: Yes, it's transparentQ: What are you using as a background?A: Usually your user picture of the PC.Q: Can I use my graphics editor?A: Yes, using the provided app or any graphics editor, of courseQ: Do you have other wallpaper apps?A: Transparent Desktop is the first wallpaper maker we have found.Q: What does it take me?A: It depends on your hardware, but it takes 0.5 seconds in average.Q: Do you have a Mac version?A: Yes, maybe in a futureMixed pleiotropic effects of heat shock protein induction on the innate immune response in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) sea water.Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) immune tissues (skin/head kidney) were harvested from smolts at harvest transfer (HT), and after heat shock treatment (HS). Activity of complement component 2a (C2) and blood plasma haemolytic titer were measured as indices of early innate immune response. Anti-lipopolysaccharide (LPS) antibodies, a marker of immune memory, were also measured. Two recombinant baculovirus insect cell derived Hsp proteins were cloned and expressed. These were rHspsAh1 (Hsp70) and 08929e5ed8

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