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Book Progress!

I have been writing a parenting book.

No ordinary parenting book.

A lovely, full colour, coffee-table parenting book,

rich with gems for family life.

Feeling grateful

It's turned out to be quite a marathon. But I'm on the home stretch now and so grateful to friends, encouragers, clients and community as they have jogged alongside me to encourage me, enrich me with their stories, trust me with their family struggles, and boost me on. They’ve been priceless. The journey has been, at times fun, arduous, stimulating, rewarding and certainly time consuming. But the conviction that I'm doing what I'm designed to do in this season has kept me going. Though sometimes I do have to be reminded. In fact, I have this on my wall:

Don't dig up in


what you planted in


Holding a steady course

Have you ever had the feeling of leaping off on a journey, utterly convinced that you're walking out your purpose, right smack bang in the centre of who and what you were designed to be - and then lost your nerve?

Yes, I’ve wondered If I’ve got what it takes, if the world needs another parenting book, and if so, whether it needs one by me. But each time I wrestle with the worthiness of the project and the time invested, I come across another lovely Mum or Dad who has read something of mine or spent time sharing a family issue with me and taken the trouble to come back and say that it made all the difference to their family life or their relationship with their child. That changes my world.

Making a difference

Experience has shown me that there are still valuable concepts, tools, ideas and helpful hints about family life and relationships that still need sharing. And it is my absolute joy and delight to run my race and make a little difference to precious families here and there. On I run....want to come?

I hope you like this sneak previews of our work in progress. Each week I am going to add a little update to this blog to keep you posted on my book progress. I’d love you to jog alongside me too as I work with the editors and designer and photographers on this last leg of the journey.


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I: @madeleine_stanimeros

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