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Time to Sow

Well, it's been a while....I've had my

brain deeply engaged in the last edits and final details of the book and every second has been absorbed with getting it off to the publisher....and now it's gone!!!

If I didn't have children it would have been finished years ago - but I wouldn't have had much to say about parenting!

I feel like I've turned a page (pardon the pun) and am starting the new chapter - letting everyone know it's ready and available on July 10th.

My heart is not to sell millions of copies for the sheer sake of it.

It is, and has always been, to sow good solid, helpful, even relationship-saving tools into family life, so we can grow children of character who have healthy self-esteem.

The retail price is 19.99, but I'd love to offer you a pre-order discount - just let me know before the end of June.

Love, Mads

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